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How Do I Get Started With My Home Improvements?

Hello, I’m Symone Martin and I founded Smart Interior Design.  We are a residential interior design company based in Greenwich.  Most interior design companies are in the name of the founder and mine is too, in a roundabout way.  It’s a play on my name, S. Martin Smartinterior design.

As a child I always liked to daydream about my dream home.  I had it all planned out with a monochrome living room and a games room in the basement.  Even now I can walk through it, because it’s in my mind’s eye.  This may sound a little extraordinary, but I can actually visualise the finished product of a home and assess how it will work on a daily basis.  Problems of layout, any colour clashing and  can then be easily changed even before pen goes to paper let alone before furnishings are purchased or contractors start drilling.

Along with a creative eye for detail that was enhanced when I studied A-Level Photography, interior design and property development was a natural business choice for me having a Business Studies degree and masters in e-Business.

I now run Smart Interior Design in Eltham, London and have clients as far afield as Devon.  Whatever your budget and style, whether you be a DIY enthusiast or prefer to contract the work out, and wherever your new home or lived and loved home is, we can help you to work out a design solution that’s right for you.

This blog will give you ideas and tips on everything property related from how to make your house feel like home, to extending kitchen renovations into the garden and how to keep costs down.  With the owners permission I will also include projects I’m working on and how you can work with the architecture of your home.  The blog will be updated once a month, so be sure to come back soon.

It’s important to get home improvements right the first time round, as it can be costly to fix or a nagging pain to live with.  We’re always here for you to Contact us before you make any home improvement decisions.




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