Open Sesame

A kitchen side return extension and renovation to form large open-plan family living

In this project we discussed the needs and wants by talking with all members of the family. This enabled us to understand the whole picture, complete with conflicting views and ideas of the space.

The lighting plan combines ambient, task and accent lighting, considering all aspects of the space so that light is where it is needed and not just in a line pattern. The lights are also split into zones, so that the right mood can be selected without having to light the entire open plan space.

The end result is a spectacular transformation, it doesn’t compromise, instead collaborates in meeting the needs of the family. The high quality appliances and their layout make cooking easier, quicker and also more efficient.

This kitchen was once a dark and cold space that did not meet the needs of the owners. The large U-shaped kitchen with the dining table in the middle was difficult for the family to socialise in, as once seated there was no space to walk around let alone cook.

The two different floor heights caused a distinct separation in the space and has now been lifted, along with part of the garden, to be inline with the rest of the house to provide a unified floor plan. Part of the garden floor was brought up to meet the house to reduce the boundaries from inside and outside.

Now the family can cook, eat, work and play in the same area whilst being in different zones. Social gatherings are more interactive with the fully retractable bi-folding windows and bi-folding doors..


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